7th Grade Student Grant Program

We are reinstating our Annual 7th Grade
Student Grant Program which will be incorporated into the
Literacy curriculum at Knollwood.

This program affords students the opportunity to research
and formally propose a program or idea that will enhance
the educational experience in either the Fair Haven Schools
or our community in general.

A budget of $2,000 is allotted for expenditure on the grant
and the winner of the project receives a $500 award
upon graduation from Knollwood School.

Past winning grants have included a Virtual Library, a garden
at Sickles, an in-school Healthy Eating initiative and an
environmentally friendly Dyson hand dryer in the bathrooms. 

Previous winners have proposed a Special Assembly at
Knollwood from the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium
called "Exploring the Atlantic".

 Download Grant
Program Guidelines

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